Never underestimate the power of a chance meeting! In a random pub in Dublin Ireland on Saint Patricks day 2015 a man from rural Ireland  was to meet a Beautiful woman from New York! What started out as an innocent attempt by this man to impress the woman to try earn a kiss ended up with her completely changing the direction of his life with the formation of this company! Here is the story in the words of the creator of the brand of the events of that magical night in Dublin where the magic of chance and the potential that each breath of life brings shone bright under the Irish skies!!!

"It was in a random pub in Dublin on Saint Patricks day of this year  (2015) whilst wandering around the city in search of fun and frolics with my friend that I was stopped in my tracks by a pretty little American woman, The most beautiful woman I had ever seen I quipped to my friend, driven by an obsession to challenge myself and fuelled by around 10 pints of beer over I went to this woman who had me in awe! I introduced myself to her and upon hearing she was a tourist I figured I could impress her by telling her daring tales of Ireland from yesteryear, I sang her traditional old Irish love songs and recited her poetry in my native tongue! All rituals of courtship one must perform when trying to win the hearts and minds of American women who travel to Ireland for Saint Patricks day! I felt like the complete Casanova whereas she felt I was the complete chancer! In my attempts to impress her I threw the A material, B material right through to Z, the only material I didn't throw was the clothes on my back, I would have thrown the kitchen sink just to get to hold her hand so you can imagine my delight when she turned and asked me to dance, I took her out for a slow dance and the rest of the night was a magical night I will never forget when I got to hang out and dance with the "Princess of New York" as I called her! The night ended and we said our goodbyes, I was absolutely buzzing with happiness with the memory of the night but as the weeks went by I could not get this beautiful woman out of my mind, so I did something that I thought was pointless seeing that she lived on a different continent, I wrote to her! As the weeks went by there was plenty of conversation over and back and as chance would have it this woman runs one of the biggest fashion companies in New York city which through plenty of banter over and back planted the seed of thought in my mind to start my own sportswear company, From which my company RNR fits now blooms! She was able to put me in touch with the right people in order to pursue my vision and without her help and inspiration this company would not exist!"
No matter where you find yourself in life or what circumstances you find yourself in always believe in the magic of life and the potential bustling in each breathe you take! Life can change in a heartbeat and this story shows how a simple action such as talking to a beautiful woman can completely change your life and shape your destiny!!! Thank you for reading my story, make sure you forge your own!

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